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Eternal Soulful Empire
Second Strike
First Strike
It Almost Starts With DnB
Deep House Cockails
Worldwide Soulful Festival
Disco Hits You Hard
Forgotten Soulful Raws

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Terry C

Terry C.

The latter half of the last century witnessed the birth of two legends: Kraftwerk, electronic music pioneer and Terry C. (CoqMix), inventor and only player of Air Mix. The second one's first love of bellbottoms and Disco glitter was followed by a few Rock distractions, then washed away into a tidal wave of Funk.

This period witnessed his first mix which, for the record, was written by abusting two recycled SL 1200 Mk2, using the legendary Soul Makossa beat. Original HipHop became part of his musical world.

After taking a few years off, he discovered junglistic Drum'n'Bass rythms, renewing his beloved Electro sounds. He flew in the clouds of House, Garage and 2Step, landing on the enchanting and captivating beaches of Soulful.

His presence on BWU Radio then Soulside Radio is the occasion to indulge yourself from his taste for smooth voices and sensual beats.